21 aug 2008

Chess Collectors will be happy to learn that the 2009 Chess Collector Convention is being held in Las Vegas. Plan for a night of Blackjack, poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and other Casino Card Games!

11 aug 2008

Don't forget that Casino Night is Sept. 15th. We have a fun night planned of playing cards and chess all night.

21 aug 2008

Every Tuesday Night is casino card game night at the VFW where we hold our monthly chess tournaments. Compete against other chess enthusiasts in a game of poker.

11 aug 2008

Tired of playing against the same chess players week after week? Try some new chess competition with our monthly chess tournament.

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Chess Collectors and Serious Chess Players have taken the game of chess to entirely new levels. Chess collecting of intricate chessboards and pieces made from all over the world, hold an honored spot in the history of the game. Much like other games of concentration, skill and rules, Chess is a game that captures the imaginations of its players and connects them to that history.

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Our Chess Antiquities Brokers...

can locate those rare and hard to find chess pieces and chessboards to complete your collection or simply add to it. Find out more about our chess piece procurement specialists.

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Our partners in Chess pieces acquisitions and board and chess piece restoration are BlackJack Restorations which are located in Las Vegas, NV.

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